R. Mutt
Oil on Canvas


EMAIL: demeyereseppe[at]gmail.com
INSTAGRAM: @seppedemeyere


The work of Seppe De Meyere characterizes itself substantially through replication and light. Provoked by atmospheres of unease, gloom and stasis, his paintings constitute a slow digestion of the human form over time, often placed in ambiguous spaces.

Analogue and digital processes are combined and influence the images until faltering visual echoes emerge; generating a feeling of a strange familiarity.
Together with a sense of intimacy and a slight unsettling notion his paintings culminate in a recognizable, yet esoteric reality.
Seppe De Meyere is part of the 404 collective. They’ve established a vibrant community of artists called Cane Yo – a place for artists to come together, share ideas and make interesting new connections.